Practice colouring my line art!

Hi all!

Just thought I would clear up in case it wasn’t understood, this thread is for you guys to practice colouring in, not for requesting line art from me, thanks :blush:

I’ve been off of the forums for a while brushing up on some art from a complete beginner.

I have just finished my first line art (For a long time) in ink style that I have drawn, this is the first one I’ve done in ages so I wanted to post it for you all to have a go at, whether you want to practice colouring, shading or just colour it for fun I’ll be sharing every single line art colouring that you tag me in on Instagram @calico.episode on my stories, and will select some of my favourites for a dedicated post!

I have attached two png files below which should give you a transparent background. One with clothing and one without. I can’t wait to see all of your creations!

  • If you do not get a transparent image I have left the link to my google drive below where you can download the png format.


Line Art

Example below:


Finally, there are some rules! Sorry!

  • You must not remove the watermark on her shoulder.

  • Wherever you post or use my line art you should leave credit to @calico.episode

  • Feel free to change small details on the line art to suit your style but please do not claim it as 100% your own.

Happy colouring! :heart::heart:


That looks soo good guurrrll💖

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Hey can you make me one though
character details

body - neutral 01(female generic body)
eyebrow - dark black(arched natural)
hair - dark black(updo high twist bangs blunt)
eyes - red(deepset upturned wide)
face - defined diamond contour
nose - grecian soft
lips - deep red gloss(full heart pouty)


sample image


full image

Take your time no rush And I need your best work in this
:blob_hearts: I love your work its really amazing
you have great skills!

Thank you so much lovely❤️

I can certainly give it a go but I’ve not done line art in limelight style yet. Ink is easier because it allows for dark think lines where as limelight is more natural.

But I’ll have a crack at it and let you know :blush:

I am also currently charging my Apple Pencil so I’ll need to wait a lil while!

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Just get me whenever you can no rush!

I have finished your line art.

Please note that this is just line art and not colouring as this thread was not meant for that, so there isn’t a huge amount of detail - it is up to you to colour the picture. I have outlined her skin and some features in a lighter tone.

Please download the transparent png file from my google drive so you can colour it.



You MUST credit me wherever you use it.
Please don’t remove the watermark.

Another side note, your example reference image and your character details were different so I have done an outline from the hairstyle listed in your character details and I won’t be able to change this because my private life is just super chaotic.

Hope you like it.

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Thank you so much
I totally forgot to change the hairstyle in the details… But thats ok its perfect…

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