Practice for art

This is not a request thread

Hey guys so i don’t normally do this and because i feel so uninspired i want to give a shot on trying something new :drooling_face:

I am also doing this cause nowadays i am only focusing on semi realistic and i want to start focusing on cartoon work again so the art i draw will be in cartoon style😋

I will do art and pfp

So basically i will try to do the art if i find that thing interesting and want to try it😎


So maybe just drop your character details, your character pose( you can add one pose or if u want two but not more than that)(u can also add pose that is not in episode, i really wanna try it)
I can do a max character of two (sry not more than that, its kinda hard u know)

this is a way to get a free art if u think ur art idea is good i will definitely try to draw it :relaxed:

I don’t guarantee u that u will get ur art this is just for my practice and if that practice turns out good i will surely give it to u

But yeah u shot definetely try a shot😁

But don’t keep ur hopes up😢

my examples for cartoon

Please don’t trace or claim my work as yours

U can see more of my examples in my insta 2eerina

if anything from hear sound rude i personally don’t mean to sound rude😘


you can use mine, your cartoons are adorable!

Character card and details

here’s the card:

And the pose+the outfit she is in

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Thank u so much
I will surely try to do this

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Btw is this suppose to be a pfp

Umm whatever you want. You can do whatever you need the most practice on

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Can you do 2 characters?

character cards


one of this

Yeah sure i can try☺
Btw i really love the poses
And also wanted to do something related to this

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Thank you :heart:

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Hey there i think u didn’t understand or bymistakely skipped some lines
Let me be more clear u have to add a character details and a pose u want me to do (if i find ur art interesting to do i will do the art) (but there is no gurantee i will finish it)

Ooooh I’m sorry lol, you can literally choose anything since this isn’t a request I just have you the deets if you needed a character to practice with. I really don’t know you can literally choose what’s easiest for you since it’s for ur practicing.
My aesthetic tho would be:
Goth, Dark, Grunge, dark Fairycore/cottage core.
Literally just do what you wish lol

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Thanks sm

Ofc no need to thank me>:)

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