Practice your drawn art (contest sorta)

hello, this thread is to help young artists to practice their art. I’m making a story called fallen into shadow


It’s a fantasy love story of how the girl named pumpkin grew to fid everything her mother and father told her was a lie that the devil and people from the underworld art just evil they have love, family, and friendships just like anyone else. they fall into a deep love and she finds out she’s pregnant by the devil she doesn’t know how to tell her parent or how they will react.

I need your help to make some awesome story art to make it come to life. the people who do will get prizes for whatever they do

  • you will be able to make a character I will put into the story
  • you can make a small scene in the story using art or not
  • you can have my help on your story

as of right now there is no deadline I’m also in need of cover if u do decide to do a cover you get a gift of your choice with reason , I’m only a teen so I’m broke.

things you could do
  • pumpkin and the devil holding a baby bump
  • pumpkin and the devil kissing or hugging
  • everyone as a family photo
  • them going shopping
more ex

feeling-baby-kick-foot-belly-2-stk-660x440 imagdees


Sorry this is unrelated but I love your pfp! :heart_eyes: Cursed Princess Club is my favorite webtoon.

Your contest looks fun btw!

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i now have 56 views lol come one were the talent at

So is this really a contest or are you allowing people to use your characters for practice?


I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment its both I guess if u do use them and send them to me so I know u did t will be in my story and u will get a prize

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now if they just wanna practice they can totally do that to

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