Practicing on covers ! (free)

Send your character along with the background & features you want & by an hour or so i’ll come back with a cover for you BTW THIS IS JUST FOR FUN FOR ME, IM ONLY PRACTICING !


hey here’s one, lmk if I need to change anything, this isn’t anything special I just grabbed a couple characters and through this together to help you practice. Go crazy! Edit to your hearts content

character deets:

outfits: for Lucy:
for Katie:
pose: idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop for both, but can they be back to back (facing different directions of course)
title: Two Little Secrets

if you can, go to your characters & have them already in their outfits & have them do the animations you want, you can save that as an image by pressing right click & choosing save as … that makes it easier for me

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here, all you have to do is cut out the background

is that better?

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the first one eyes is closed lol :joy: & thanks ill start working but if you want send another one with her eyes open & again thanks


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i tried lollll


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thank you

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Hi! I would love if you could make a cover for my story as I have been struggling to. This could also help with your practice.

background ? or would you like for me to provide one ?

& you should have her doing a animation

I don’t have a background, and I was having trouble finding one. I’ll take another screen shot with an animation for you.

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Is this better?

yes ill be done with it shortly

Thank you so much!

you have a love interest ? if you do send them over animated

This is the love interest

i couldn’t do much , my average editing site is shut down im sorry this was all i could & its horrible