Practising Banners (Come On In) 😀

So I made some banners in a short period of time and I want to make more. They’re all pretty crappy in my opinion but if you want one let me know. I also make character detail banners if your interested.:smirk:

Regular Banners


Untitled191-1 Untitled196

Character Detail Banners

Uploading: PicsArt_03-10-04.07.52.png…


  • What color/theme is the bg?
  • What do you want it to say? (Welcome, Request Form, Etc.)
  • Any add ons?
  • Do you want a filter?

I also make splashes and other things in my art shop.


Can you make me a banner?
Galaxy background(can you make?)
This story has sound!
What is a filter?

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A banner is more for like a thread in my opinion.I also have some galaxy backgrounds alreadu downloaded but are you talking about a splash? Also a filter is just like added to make something look different, idk how to explain.

My Splash Example

Where and for what can this banners be used for?

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Well you can use them for if you wanted to make a thread or something on here for example I have banners for my art groups and art shop. They basically add glam. For example someone made me banners for my art shop.

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GIRL you’re so talented like bye :hot_face:

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:joy: Ty and btw I added you both to my art shop. :heartpulse:

:joy: np and oooh aye :eyes:

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That works for me!

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Well you’d either have to pm me or go to my art shop since I’m only doing banners here.

I would like a banner please.

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If possible.

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Like with a space background and it says this story has sound. That would be amazing!

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Sure I guess. :sparkling_heart:


  • What color/theme is the bg? Purple like your welcome example
  • What do you want it to say? (Welcome, Request Form, Etc.) Welcome, Rules, Request Form, Waiting List and Examples.
  • Any add ons? No
  • Do you want a filter? No
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Ty and I’m on it now :revolving_hearts:

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Also do you want the hearts on it too?

Yes please, I guess that is what you meant by add ons

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Yeah. I made the background and added on hearts :joy:

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I hope you like them and.let me know if you want anything changed. :heartpulse:


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