Practising digital art



Your art is really good

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it’s my first time trying it, but thank you

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Here are my characters and their info

hi I love your art it is so beautiful and once your shop opens again i would love if you could draw my cover page
Small cover, Large cover, Splash, Pfp, Overlay?:

large cover

How Many Characters/Names:

2 Characters

Female: Duchess

Male: Max

Full Character Details:


Skin: Neutral 3

Brow: Arched Natural Scar

Hair: Updo High Twist Bangs Blunt

Haircolor: White

Face: Diamond Define Contour

Eyes: Deepset Almond

Eyecolor: Violet

Lips: Full round pouty

Lipcolor: pink beige matt

Nose: Round Button upturn


Skin: Gold 2

Brow: Straight Medium Scar

Hair: Medium Taper Wavy

Haircolor: Dark Brown

Face: Chiseled angular

Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep smiling

Eyecolor: Ice blue

Lips: Medium heart

Lipcolor: beige gold matt

Nose: Straight pointed

Surprise me :slight_smile:

Also the two characters are in love

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thanks for giving me a fun challenge to improve my skills, I appreciate it! I can try making a cover. What background to you want me to use? And also, are these outfits/hairstyles neccesary since I’m not that experienced :frowning:

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Np :slight_smile: and For the background a stage

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can you give me an example of a stage you want?

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You can change the outfits and the hairstyles

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what kind of pose do you want?

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Your art is very pretty! Here are my details:

You can do whatever your heart desires :hugs:! But if you really need poses, let me know.

tysm! yes a pose would be good hahah. a close up by any chances

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For the pose something like this

Omg your art is so good, can you make me one?

Wow this is really good!!!:heart:

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thank you! I can try :slight_smile: just give me the character details please

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Ofc! <3

skin: neutral 04
hair: light brown
eyes: green emerald
face: square defined
nose: round button upturned
mouth: full round pouty

Skin: Gold 04
hair: brown black messy undercut
eyes: slender grey
face: square defined
nose: straight pointed
mouth: medium straight natural

Feel free to do however you want I just love ur work haha. If you can’t think of something maybe a picture of the guy putting on the jacket on the girl? <3

Not going to request as I see you have a few people who want to use your services- but I have to let you know that you are sooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! Can’t wait to see what else you make!

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