Prank war Ideas?

So I’m creating a story at the moment and the two M/C are in prank wars but I need good ideas for pranks? Anyone interested in helping?:upside_down_face:

Hey if you look on Google or your web browser there are a looooot more ideas that you can look at and chose some but one can do is like switching shampoo with hair dye .

  • putting their phone in jello.

  • Hide one of the characters clothes. All of them

  • Play with the shower. So when they are showering make the water very hot or very cold.

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Having them trip or fall over something, and their pants fall down.

“Is that dog food?” :joy::joy::joy::smiling_imp: (switch Coco Puffs for dog food)

• The good old: hair dye in the shampoo, prank!
[I’d say hair removal cream in the shampoo… but since it’s supposed to be a friendly prank war, that might be going a little too far! :joy: :rofl:]

• Replacing the cream from an oreo with soap… or toothpaste.

• The fake eyeball in the ice cube, prank.

That’s all I’ve got.

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