Prashansa Ravi's (Shana ravi's ) Art Thread: Covers, Splashes, Overlays (mostly title's), Covers/Backrounds with only words. Fast and free!

Hey guys, I just learned how to make titles for stories with transparent backrounds and white backrounds so it looks like a block. I also can make covers but with words and characters. Thank you Forever1201 for inspiration.

To sum it up

  • I can make covers
  • I can make overlay titles
  • I can make covers only with words
  • I can do splashes
  • I am terrible at art but if you need it I will do it


  • No copying my work as your own
  • Please credit me as @prashansa60.episode
  • No going to other topics and requesting the same thing, it sometimes makes people angry
  • Dont request if your not going to use my artwork
  • Please dont be greedy I try my best to get things out on time (1 day - 1 week)
  • Redo’s are allowed but only I can redo something 3 times

Sorry if I sound mean I’m just trying to set some ground rules.

Here are some of my artworks


Thanks! For stopping bye.

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Can I have “inherited twins” in black bold please xx

Sure it might take a few mins to hours. I’ll try to get it done by today.

Here it is…

Would you like anything changed or added?

Thank youuuu :heartpulse: Could you do by annie_stories please

ok I’ll get it done in a few mins.

Thank you x

Here is the redo…

Anything that needs to be redone?

Thank you so much :heartpulse:

No problem! :grinning:

@Dorkiedork04 Your request has been accepted.

I have finished yours @Dorkiedork04
If you do not recieve this checkout Shana Ravi’s and Leah’s art thread. Since I am closing this one.


@Sydney_H please close this topic.

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: