Prashansa’s official all around art thread! (open) 🙃😘

So hello guys! :kissing_closed_eyes: If you don’t know me already I’m Prashansa and right now open for requests. Please read the whole post carefully before replying. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

1. Do not go onto other threads and request the same thing, since I will deny your request!
2. Please understand I am a living being and will take time to complete your art.
4. No Drama, Nonsense or Inappropriate stuff.
5. Do not request unless you are going to use it.
6. If you want something changed, please tell me but do not be rude about it.
7. Don’t pressure me to finish the artwork in a limited time.
8. Credit me by @prashansa60.episode on IG or @prashansaravi on the forums.

I can do all art, edits and semi-realistic portraits.


Drawn and Edit covers

Drawn and edited splashes


Drawn and edited overlays


Realistic Portraits

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Drawn edits

Art scenes


Cover Form

Title and Author name:
Character details:
Character pictures:
Background preference (drawn by hand or not):
Background picture (or reference for drawing):
Cover size:


Background preference (drawn by hand or not):
Background picture (or reference for drawing):
Any characters (if so attach details and pictures):
For characters do you want them drawn or edited:
What is the splash saying:

Background form

Is it drawn or edit (give me reference pictures if drawn):
Please give me a picture of the background:
What do you want edited, changed or drawn (description):

Overlay Form

What do you want:
Is it drawn or edited (give me reference picture for drawn):

Realistic Portrait Form

Give me character details and reference and pictures:
Any theme:
Any extra things I should add (tattos, piercings, jewlery):

Drawn edits Form

Give me character details, pictures and pose:
Any theme:
Any extra things I should add (tattos, piercings, jewlery):
Would you like it drawn or just edited to your liking:

Art Scenes

No longer accepting responses due too many already. :cold_sweat:

Fill out these forms down below correctly, follow the rules and I will accept your request! Always happy to make some art! :relaxed:


** WAITING LIST: **strong text


Hi mam I can help you with the art scenes if you’d like :grin:

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Thank you Ghostly though Is rather not for now girl! :upside_down_face::heart:

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Worth a shot lol :joy::sparkling_heart:

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Heeeyyyyy Prash :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Bria! :heart: Let’s not go off topic but hello.

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Let’s talk privately since this thread is only for requests. :upside_down_face:

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I’ma need a small cover

Emotions :laughing:
The girl is going to be facing left holding a gun to the floor and looking up at the right we’re the guy stands also hiding a gun to the floor looking down on her there’s not too much of a height difference the girl is 5”3 and the guy is 5”7 and their both smirking/blushing

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Oh and my acc name is The Cheese Named Bri and the story is called Inner Demons

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Do you want it drawn?
Is it a small or large cover?
Can you give a pose reference?

Right when you give me these, I will accept your request.

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Hey! Could you make me an art scene please!

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Sure, if you have an Instagram DM @prashansa60.episode, if not then just wait for me to upload an form.

I don’t have Instagram so ig I’ll wait for a form :joy::joy::milk_glass::milk_glass:

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Alright. :sweat_smile: It will be up in about 2-4 hours. Also I can’t do LL really good, I’m best at INK. Just as an FYI.

Okay, it’s ink I am looking for anyway :heart::heart:

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Hey, have you uploaded the form?

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Do you still need it? I’ll just give the details down here?

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BUMP! I’m dead.

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