Pray for XXXTentacion


About an hour ago someone found him in his car and he looked lifeless and a witness said he had no pulse. :frowning: They said he was shot. Ik a lot of people don’t like him but I’m really sad so pleasee pray for him ;( ://///


I love him😢


Update: He was pronounced dead :confused: this world is so messed up


I’m not so sure if he’s dead of if he’s still alive, because everyone says something different, although I just went on twitter to see what people are saying and SERIOUSLY?


Yes he was offically pronounced dead 7-10 minutes ago…


Jeez, there are so many people saying stuff like ,he deserved it" like OMG, we all make mistakes, bigger or smaller, we all regret them at one point or another, then we try to forgive. People are so full of hate…


Truth! :100: What broke my heart even more is an hour before he was shot he posted on his instagram story how excited he was to do a charity event that was coming up. :frowning: He was such a positive person and didn’t deserve this at all…


Wow, that’s such an unfortunate timing.


Do you know Caleb from Bratayley? (not sure if that’s exactly their channel name, but I don’t watch them, so) he recorded a ,to my future self" video the day before he died


I’m kind of in shock. I didn’t listen to his music, I didn’t follow him… Oh, you know what also makes me extra mad?


Those 'fan’girls that are created once announcements like that are made.






who is this? never heard of them…


He’s a rapper. I loved his music cause many of his songs helped me ://


haha fair enough I’ll look him up later today :slight_smile:


I’m beyond upset honestly I’ve sat and cried so hard- the amount of people I’ve argued with on twitter about them wishing him dead is unreal.
Him and Peep gone in less than a year I’m not ok


I’ve noticed that nowadays it takes one stupid opinion against another stupid opinion to form a huge internet war fueled by hate. Seriously. Like one person, for a joke, says something like ‘haha he deserves death’ (BUT THAT JOKE’S NOT EVEN FUNNY) but then an (_) comes in and takes it seriously, makes it an actuall statement and people come in and agree with him. And then you scroll through twitter and you see this and you’re like



I knowwww righttttt! :100:


I was devastated when I found out. I tried so hard to remain positive but when the news confirmed he was gone my heart burst. I cried so hard. He will never be forgotten, and he’s always in my heart. :sob::heartpulse: