Preferences, list them!

It’s now 2022, and Episode is continuing to change, whether it be new story trends, the emergence of aesthetics in stories, or the standards and expectations that arise with newly published stories.

We’re all learning and improving as readers and authors, and having discussions like these helps us understand what our audience thinks and expects.

However, don’t let comments deter you from writing whatever you’d like. At the end of the day, it is your story, and you can write whatever you want; however, you want.

This thread is for everyone to voice and discuss their preferences when reading a new story.

Let’s talk about what you expect in the first episode of a new story, what you like to see in a story, or simply what you’d want to see!

I’ll list some questions to begin the conversation, but feel free to add in whatever you want!

  • Do you like music and sound in stories?
  • How do you feel about filters?
  • What is a good chapter length?
  • Art scenes or no art scenes?
  • Etc etc.



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  • I love Episode music!
  • I’m alright with intermittent filters as long as they don’t detract from the story. If it’s too light/dark, it makes the story harder to follow for extended periods of time.
  • Probably no more than 20 minutes…or however long the first episode of my latest story is (hopefully not too long).
  • No art scenes. They can be a tad extra, tbh.
  • Depends sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t.
  • Only if it’s used correctly.
  • 8-10 minutes.
  • I love art scenes…but sometimes it’s overused.
  • I love when there are music and sounds, it really adds something to the immersion. I usually notice when a story doesn’t have sounds or music, it always feels like it’s lacking something to me.

  • Love them when they’re well used. It can really add something to the overall aesthetic or mood of the story.

  • I’d say around 15 minutes, less than 30. Depends on the story tbh, some of them are so well written you don’t see time passing. Anything below 10 minutes is too short for me, feels like a waste of my passes.

  • If the art is good and adds something, sure. Some art scenes are super cute. If it’s the same boring passionate kiss that’s in every story, meh. And if it’s obvious tracing it’s even worse.

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• I like music and sounds in stories. However, I almost always either have the sound off, or I just listen to my own music.

• Filters can be fun! I like them best for stories from other times or in flashbacks.

• I prefer chapters to be around 10-15 minutes. This depends though, because sometimes stories with lots of branches are shorter, which I completely understand.

• While I appreciate all of the talented artists out there, I actually don’t enjoy art scenes very much. I find that they mess with the pace of the story and they just look out of place. However, I do really like say, an edited art scene. To me, it flows better because then the art does actually look like the characters lol. I don’t really care though, I won’t be mad if there’s an art scene :joy:


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