Preferred speech bubble style?

hi this is just a quick poll because I was wondering which speech bubble style is the one people like more :thinking:

if you don’t know the styles or want a quick refresher here they are
(credit: episode interactive’s portal)







  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink

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There’s another new style called Slate/Grey. Could you add it onto the answers? It’s honestly my favorite one


I was gonna add that one too but then I regretted it cuz I don’t like it personally so I decided to have the options limited to those three :sweat_smile:, but thanks for letting me know that it’s your favorite!

The blue one is gone now and been replaced with slate.
As for favourite for my more light hearted story I use pink but for my new story which is a bit more serious I use slate. For me I feel like the colours give off different moods but that’s probably just me lol


I revoke my statement the blue one isn’t gone but it did disappear for me for while :thinking:

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Wow!! I really need to get my crap together I didn’t notice there were different colors. :confused:

Slate is my favourite too.

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Purple and Slate!

LOL, I voted for both blue and pink. Purple has the most votes though. What are the odds >.>

I prefer the grey/slate one but I’m quite fond of purple as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t know, it really depends on the story. If you’re going for action then I suggest you use Slate. Romance stories would be pink. Hmmm Blue would be for like, comedy lol. And purple would be for idk, personally I don’t really like the purple one.

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