Pregnancy Shirts for Males

I’ve been thinking about this; They always have trimester shirts for women, but none for men whenever they update or give out new clothing items for characters.

Before anyone starts; I get it, there isn’t any physical way of men getting pregnant, but there are Trans-men that can get pregnant.

But this is just what I have been thinking. Since I have two characters that are half-gendered (which means they are male but born with reproductive organs)


what are you asking?

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I’d recommend checking out our Feature + Art Suggestions to see if there’s anything close to what you’re thinking of, and if not, you can make a request thread for it. Just make sure to follow the Feature Request Guidelines
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hey so “transgendered” is offensive, you can say “transgender man” or “trans man”

“half-gendered” is not really a term and also inappropriate, I think you mean Intersex

And if you’re sugesting they add outfits then make a Feature request as @Sydney_H has said.

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