Pregnant by a killer by Amy T got deleted from the app😔

So PBK got removed…it is sad how she didn’t get to finish the story. It had 20 million reads

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Why would anyone want to read that :face_with_monocle:


It might have (probably) went against the new guidelines. :woman_shrugging:


Lol, I was thinking the same thing when I read the title of the thread.


Yeah, this may be the reason why and I haven’t read the story before so I don’t know what the content is in the story and the author…so yep.


I saw it on the app before, I didn’t read it though.


it’s not that complicated, all need is a bit of explanation and giving example, etc. lol


This story has been violating the guidelines for 2 years I’m glad it’s off the app


Oh wow

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Lowkey sad coz I liked it


sounds like your general featured story :joy:


Hallelujah for that.


Oof let’s respect the author too :sweat_smile: I’m guessing it took her time to make the story




Hahaha I love your profile pic

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Whilst I feel some sympathy for the author as I’m sure she put a lot of time and effort into however much of the story she’d published and she must feel pretty deflated having had it removed.

That being said, I’m proud that Episode are finally sticking to their own guidelines and removing stories that go against them and are/or problematic, regardless of the amount of reads it has :grimacing:

(I haven’t read it so I’m just going off the title)


Because a story got deleted? Just like you’d be sad if one of ur fav stories is gone…?


I’m pretty sure I read it a while ago, so I just wanna clarify that I’m remembering right and it was a story where the main dude (Liam I think) got a high school girl pregnant and kept her near him against her will? I’m pretty sure it romanticised abuse…


I know she said not to respond to anyone but this is ridiculous. The story does not romanticize abuse. It depicts abuse in a way that I wish we got more TW’s for. Whatever thats a separate issue. Romanticizing abuse makes it appear sexy and appealing. You never got that from reading her story. Liam was hella scary and nun of that was depicted as appealing. You had characters in the story saying outright what Liam was doing to her was not okay. The man had STD’s. When are STD’s seen as romantic?

And y’all up in here cutting up when you haven’t read the story?

Some of you clearly only saw the title and have a vague idea of what is about but ready to drag and collect clout likes.

Out of alllllll the stories that road that pregnant by- clout wave Pregnant by a Killer was not the one romanticizing abuse. Hell If it wasn’t for the name it wouldn’t have reached the audience it needed to anyway.

The author when she broke down everything on her insta and is a victim of abuse herself. You know if she said something sideways it would be posted in here asap. What is said was this

I don’t have what she posted on her story explaining how Episode approved things she wrote before she wrote it with the old guidelines. Or the other story when she said accusing her of romanticizing abuse and supporting Liam is triggering to her. Stop lying on this author’s name when you don’t care to know any of the facts.

Hallelujah this evil story is gone from the app.
Look at how harmful it was.


That’s why I stopped fw the forums long ago.

After all the racist bs and death threats she received this isn’t the wave.

I should have let this rock like she wanted but I’m not going to stand by and watch this black author who was quietly collecting her coins have people slander and celebrate her downfall. That is cruel even for the forums.

Don’t @ me. I dug this account up from its grave and it’s going back after this.
I said what I said.


I have to agree with Junebug9

I checked out this story awhile back because people kept comparing my story’s themes and love interest to it. At first, the title made me roll my eyes, so of course I was irritated that people would compare the two. However, as I started reading it, I quickly got pulled into it and have to admit I’m a secret admirer of the story. The author never romanticized abusive relationships, but instead painted a realistic picture of gang life and consequences.

This story was actually the anti-thesis of “bad boys are fun.” And it all starts with the MC going on a rebellious streak against her parents and spiraling into a nightmarish situation. I would argue that this story showed more to dissuade people from chasing after bad boys than any other story I’ve seen on Episode. But because of its title, people assumed the worst. Throughout the years, I’ve seen people making false statements and assumptions about this story, and I regret not speaking up for it sooner. As a community, we have to stop making off the handle assumptions about stories without actually reading them. According to what was just posted, people have been targeting this story for years based off rumors and false assumptions, and they finally won. A story that freed readers from abusive relationships, made people rethink chasing after bad boys, and painted a clear picture of caution to young readers has finally been removed from the community. It did everything we’ve been wanting somebody to do AND it reached millions of readers. Somebody was actually brave enough to take on a topic everybody in here is constantly complaining about in a way that would actually reach people, and instead of her getting the support she deserved, she was slandered, bullied, and wrongly judged, all because you all couldn’t be bothered to get past the title.

I hope you all feel proud of yourselves. Keep being smug and celebrating.