Pregnant by the Mafia Leader (New story out now)

My new Mafia Story, Pregnant by The Mafia Leader, is out right now. I mentioned I would have 15 chapters released but I’m still working on them but they will be released not too long after the first 13 chapters. I will be updating every few days if nothing comes up.

I’m also available for r4rs. First I’ll need proof that you read my story then vise versa I’ll do the same.

My new story is filled with action, drama, romance, mystery, thriller, full customization including body types for MC, art scenes, and much more. This story took a lot of time since I do mostly everything myself. I wanted it to be different. There will also be gifs in the story which some I had to break down anywhere between 5 to 100 frames turning them into overlays.
Title : Pregnant by the Mafia Leader

Genre: Romance

Chapters: 13 (more episodes coming soon)

Customization: yes. Full cc includes body type.

Story Description:
Olivia, daughter of the president, falls hard for Italian American mafia leader Dante Valentino after a few days. Drama and lies awaits her when she’s expecting his child.

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@Malannee e @EtherealWitch fatemi sapere

Gratz on publishing!

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Thanks so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: