Present yourself with edits or art piece! 😃

Hey people! I would like to meet new people and get to know people better! So, for this thread you have to present yourself from an art piece/edit that represents you. It can literally be anything you made or that someone made for you but be sure to credit them. This is for fun because I am bored. :yawning_face: :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:


  • Stay on topic!
  • Do not steal each others work!
  • No bullying!
  • Be civil & don’t judge each other!
  • No drama!
  • Have fun!

Here is me:

*Btw, if this is confusing then I am sorry because I am so bad at explaining myself! :joy:

Have fun & stay on topic! :sparkling_heart:

Also, happy early 4th of July peeps! :sparkling_heart: :party_time:

Hope this thread doesn’t flop. :joy:

What do you think about my edit?
(Don’t worry it’s anonymous. Won’t judge! :wink:)

  • You need to work on your edits a bit more!
  • Your edits are horrible!
  • You need to improve way more!
  • You need to improve everything!
  • It’s great!
  • Gurl, open your eyes you are so talented!

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Talented artists :)




gimme a min to make an edit :pleading_face:

dude u followed me on insta and never told me it was u :rage:

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ok hon take your time. :wink:

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I would do this, but I’m bad at edits

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Aww hon, I was bad too but I’m getting better I think :joy:. I’m sure your going to find your talent. It could be a writer, artist, editor or literally anything! :blob_hearts:

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Aww, lol. Thank you! And your edit looks great, so I think you’re talented :ok_hand:t3:

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tah dah :sparkles:

Hmu if u wanna be friends

watch everyone hate me :pleading_face:


I’m soo doing this!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Oop! Btw, YOUR EDIT MAKES ME GO dubiubfi3qbcqiw3rhfis3gf3rbf83rbf83bvpw3t4f3

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Thank you! :pleading_face: :sparkling_heart:

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It’s all you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m not going to do this. :sneezing_face:

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Nah, why would someone hate you? Probably of jealousy but I can’t think of another reason.

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tysm :blob_hearts: :relieved:

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I am just saying the truth. :blob_hearts:

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I will make one of these tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Can I do one to? And may you ask me questions on what u want to know about me so I could put it in the edits? Because honestly I dont know how I would describe myself.

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Of course! What is your personality, favorite tv show and maybe your hobby! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bump :sparkles: