Presenting my new story: K&T: The Heiress (500+ reads!)

I recently published my new story for the contest and thought I’d share it here on the forums with everyone. If anyone ends up reading it I’d love your thoughts! I’m not doing r4rs, though.

Title: K&T: The Heiress
Author: Baleigh
Genre(s): Period Drama, Romance, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Victorian Era Romance
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
CC: Full for both MC and LI
Advanced Directing
Link: The Heiress
Instagram: @baleigh.writes

Summary: It’s 1888 and a forbidden kiss at your 20th birthday party leads to you faking an engagement with the man you hate, but how long will that last? |Full CC|

Long Description: Light Spoilers

The year is 1888 and you’re playing as Katherine “Kitty” Hawthorne; the eldest of two daughters and therefore the most pressured to get married off to a rich suitor who will improve on the family’s income and reputation even more. On her 20th birthday her parents host a ball and invite all the eligible people in the town, amongst them Lord Dante Radcliffe, a young duke and arguably the biggest catch in the county; if only he wasn’t such a rake and womanizer. Kitty’s dislike for him knows no bounds, so when he offers her the chance at a game of truth of dare in exchange for an evening of peace from him she readily accepts. However, when the game elevates to more than just harmless dares and Kitty finds herself lip-locked with him by the town busybody her life is turned upside down. Now, in an effort to protect her reputation so she can find a good match, she finds herself in a fake engagement with the man she despises the most. While she struggles to figure out what she really wants from life, a strange figure has started haunting the halls at night, leading her on a discovery of mystery and intrigue.


Disclaimer: This isn’t a r4r thread. This is simply to keep updated on my story. If you have anything to say or ask pertaining to The Heiress feel free to leave it here. :heart:


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