Pretty Eri R4R is now open


Hello everyone, I finally published my story. I’m currently open to doing read for reads. So please send me a screenshot of reading 3 episodes of my story and I will get started on reading your story.


Just started reading it will send screen shot when i am done :slight_smile: here is my story


Great story :slight_smile:


Hello, your r4r is done. :slightly_smiling_face:


Title:A Star Born Wild
Author:Bossy Roxy
Cover By:Me
Short Description:Star Is A normal teenager That Wants To Become A Star.What Drama Awaits?Can She Handle The Pressure?
Cover Example:


Hey, I can’t find your story.


thats because its not published but i’ll tell you when its out!


Hello everyone!
Support me by read my story and leave me some feedbacks <3 It would mean the world to me!!!
I will also read yours if you post a screenshot or something to prove that you have read mine <3
Title: Love is Lost
Author: Pheebsnomenal
Genre: Drama & Romance
Episodes: 12 - completed
Description: Athena thought she has finally found her true love, but is life really that easy? Her life went from being on top of the world to everybody betraying her after meeting “him”. She tried and tried to get her old life back until she finally met someone else. Will this someone be the one for her? Or will this someone be another disaster in her life?


Hello, once I get your screenshot. Then I will start your story. Thank you so much.


Read 3 episodes…send me sc after u read mine too thanks!


Hello, your r4r is finished.


hey, thanks for this thread :smile:

You, Me And The Beat by Anna


hope you’ll enjoy, I will send screenshots later :smiley:


Hello, your R4R is finished.


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