Pretty Little Distractions

I’ve been extremely nostalgic lately since I’ve started rewatching Pretty Little Liars on HBO Max, and somewhat naturally I’ve restarted the episode story, seeing as I barely remember it: and there’s a few things stylistically that are massively distracting.

First off is the early limelight character creation which makes you look extremely out of place alongside the other characters (and the skin tone options were atrocious honestly)

Another thing I vaguely remember being distracting the first time I read the story as well, but it’s throwing me off every time I see it is Spencer’s lazy eye. I wonder what the thought process behind giving her one was? I mean Troian doesn’t have a lazy eye?

Sidenote: if you have any story suggestions for similar stories I am just kinda looking for something to hook me. As much as I love episode the stories they release themselves always feel a little… lacking.


I agree, that’s why I read community stories


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Eat me up is a GREAT story with a huge plot twist. I forgot who it was by deeply sorry for that!
My Butler is also an incredible book!


My favs are Stay The Night and Split

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