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Pretty Little Liars RP

Welcome to Rosewood bi**hes. You all think that your secrets are safe. You’re all wrong. I know all of your deepest darkest secrets. Everything you don’t want anybody to know. Get ready liars, you better be on your “A” game. - A

This roleplay is inspired by the show Pretty Little Liars.

Secrets run rampant in the small town of Rosewood. Large or small nearly everyone has some type of secret. For some of the teenagers at Rosewood High that think their secrets are safe, they are about to discover that secrets have a way of getting out. This is all because of their mysterious stalker A.

In this rp I will send messages as A to the RPers.
Now please read all information below

Rules and Information:
  • Nobody knows the identity of A, unless I have specifically told you their identity.
  • Please try to be active. At least post once a day.
  • If you have any problems with being able to be active, or you have something come up in real life, just let me know.
  • A will focus on the girls to begin with, but as A watches, the guys will keep being drawn in.
  • Please don’t make super short replies. Posts, unless I am making a post as A, all posts must be at least 4 full sentences. I just know how hard it can to respond to one short sentence replies. So just please give your fellow RPers something to work with when you reply.
  • When you create your characters, add details. You don’t have to write an essay about them, but be descriptive.
  • Most importantly: I do not want any characters that are murderers. If you really want it, pm me about it and explain to me why.
  • If you want to have your character be A’s helper/assistant pm me. I’m willing for A to have an partner (male or female), but it is not guaranteed, We can discuss why, and I will look at your posts and previous rp experience to decide. Over time there will be at least one helper.

Also every character better have some juicy secrets for A to exploit. Secrets they wouldn’t want getting out. No matter how good at lying the characters are, A still manages to find out the truth.

Sign Ups and Chat
Relationships Doc

The sign up thread will be used for any discussion and chat outside of the RP. You can include an ORP at the bottom of a post, but I do not want any lone ORPs on the Official thread.

And please don’t move too fast. I don’t want more than a couple of replies of back to back posting when a couple of characters are talking. This RP has to go at a slower pace for everyone to keep up. Since I have to read every single post, other RPers have a hard time keeping up with the RP that way, and other RPers can also feel left out or get bored with the RP when there is a large amount of back to back posting.

Since I will be reading all of the posts I will also hit like on them as I read them.

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat
Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

It’s the very last day of summer vacation. Everyone has finally returned home from wherever they spent their summer vacation. All the teens, those who are new to Rosewood and those who have been there for awhile alike, are all getting ready for, dreading?, welcoming?, the first day of their upcoming year at Rosewood High. At least school is starting on a Wednesday so they only have half a week of school to start. Little do they know, someone is lurking behind the scenes, getting ready to spill their secrets. Welcome to Rosewood.


RPers with Characters:
@Kale @ChayChay @KBaldi93 @Madilnel @Alyssa_Epi @Alexwrites @Caticorn @Ella @Drama_Queer @Lovelyy_Iqraa @YassineCool @riahh30
@Ms.Kate @IIChanII @epi.alyssaa @Florpetal07

Rosewood is a smaller town, but it still isn’t too small. There’s still a mall, a smaller community college, a good size hospital, a few restaurants just not crazy city types of options, and don’t forget the nearby Radley Sanitarium. Rosewood is in Pennsylvania, not too far from Philadelphia.

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Lily Kendrick
Summer vacation. Lily spent a lot of time out of the house, but doing things far from enjoyable. Her and Noah had spent every single day working, trying to salvage enough money to… stay alive. Being off school for long periods of time was always beneficial to the Kendrick’s since it meant they could spend more time at work and earn as much money as possible. Lily and Noah hardly interacted the entire summer vacation since they were both working 24/7. Since they were still teenagers, the only full-time jobs they could get were low pay, so they both got a few part-time jobs to do throughout the day.

For Lily, it would be waitress at a diner from the crack of dawn until midday, then working at the till of a grocery store until late evening, and then she faked her age to do bar tending until way after midnight. Sleep was a foreign term for her during the summer vacation. Even with all of this, she somehow managed to balance education into this. The five minutes in between each job, the times she needed to go to the ‘bathroom’, any second away from work would be spent studying. But, it all paid off, Lily and Noah had collectively made enough to last them a few months into the school year.

But, even on the last day of summer vacation, she had the day shift at the diner. She woke up and started going to the front of the house to leave.



Sila Forest

I wake up at 12:00. God I can’t believe I woke up that late again. I swear I will miss so much of school. I turn on the tv and put on Netflix to watch my favorite show. I watch an episode and then I text Blaire Hey! Do you want to meet up today?? Now I wait for her to respond so I through on an outfit . I go downstairs and wake up to my sister sitting on the couch eating chips. I laugh. Lauren looks up startled. She is watching Supernatural. Our Favorite. I say,” Really it is like 1:30 and you are still in pajamas.” She shrugs” I guess so.” I go in the fridge and open it to grab some fruit. I go and Join my sister on the couch.


Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Midori Nakamura
When Midori woke up that morning her little sister and brother were both still asleep. Her parents were both at work early that morning so she left a note for her siblings to find before heading to the mall. She had to buy more clothes to start the year off right. She was the most popular girl in school and had a reputation to keep up after all. She wore a nice outfit and went to do some shopping before planning stop at the cafe to get some coffee.

ORP: She is Approachable at the mall


Angie Stonewood
I walked through my front door as tired as someone could be, my foster sister and my foster parents were all laughing coming from this ‘great’ amusement park we just came from but in all honesty it was boring. Right when I got the remote one of my foster mum’s (foster mom - Alex) said in a firm voice “Angie, you won’t turn on that T.V we still have to eat… so come here.” Annoyed I put down the remote and sat down at the kitchen table where everyone was seated. We had ordered Taco Bell but I wasn’t that hungry. “Eat something Angie, or i’ll take your food.” she said smiling. “Ugh, come on, you love taco bell! Why won’t you eat?” one of my moms (foster mom - Aveena) asked curiously. I just shrugged and started eating a taco. After I was done I rushed to my room upstairs. Changed into PJs and sat in bad, I didn’t want to sleep too early so I started watching the The Office on Netflix on my phone.

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Stormi Mazzālīte

Stormi woke up. Then she fell back. Last day of summer vacation.
God, it does really suck. she thought, combing her hair and throwing on an outfit, not really caring what it looks like. She took the bus to town and seated herself at a nearby bench to flick out her phone and start typing. She went on to Amber’s contact and started texting.

Hi hun. where u at?

She sent the message and got up from her seat to get her day started on the sidewalk. She wandered about and pondered where she would go next. Maybe meet up with someone. Shop somewhere. The wealth of choices flowed in her head, as if a stream.


Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Sila Forest

I get up and decide to go to a coffee shop. I order a coffee and take my laptop out of its bag while I go sit at a table. I throw on some music and open a chat for artists. I start texting them when they call my order. I get up and grab it then sit back down.



Angie Stonewood

After watching half an episode of The office I was thinking about it being the last day of summer and thought “Maybe I should do something?” I scrambled out of bed and went to the bathroom. Facepalming I said a little loudly “Fuck my hair is oily…” I sprayed some dry shampoo in my hair and styled it with a messy bun. I wore this casual yet cute outfit. I went downstairs and of course got stopped with "Where are you going? I thought you were ‘tired’ " My mom asked with airquotes. I rolled my eyes “i just thought since it’s the last day I could go to a cafe or something” I said now shrugging. She nodded as I took my keys to my jeep, I went inside and started playing my songs. I thought to just go to The local coffee shop or something. I drove to The Coffee shop but when I went inside it was not fun being alone. I order a caramel latte and sat down waiting for my order

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Sila Woods

I approach a girl. And say Hello kindly for once.

ORP: I gtg

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Angie Stonewood

I waved awkwardly with a “Hello” I didn’t know this girl and neither did she know me but when this awkward conversation went nowhere I got up to get my drink.


ORP: okii goodluck


Sila Woods

I stay here while she gets her drink and when she gets back I say,” Sorry this is kind of strange. I’m not usually like this.” I say kindly again. Which is odd.



Melody Heart

Melody woke up to the sound of her parents yelling at each other, which was pretty normal in the Heart house. But them actually being there, at this time? Rare. Melody groaned and buried her head inside her pillow. After a few minutes of laying there, she decided to try and at least enjoy the last day of break. Well, the only free day she’ll have being in Rosewood, since she was in Florida all of break. Sounds fun right? No, it was more like tourture for Melody, it full of galas and filthy rich humans with no personality whatsoever. She got up and changed into this outfit. Since her parents were home, she decided she would go and say hello or good morning, just like a normal daughter would do. As soon as she arrived downstairs, she found the house empty. She sighed and made her way out of the house, Nothing new, nothing new.

She decided to walk over to the small mall nearby, Why not? She entered and strolled around a little, and then noticed someone who had seemed familiar. She stood there thinking for quite a bit, then noticed that she had gone to Rosewood too. She decided to walk over, and she greeted her normally.

“Hey, how was your break?”

@Littlefeets (I know we haven’t discussed relationships or anything, but maybe they could be acquaintances?)


Angie Stonewood

I get my drink and then pay, sitting back down at my table the girl is still there. I sighed and responded with “No it’s fine… disturbing someone while they wait for their drink”

ORP: Sorry if that’s salty I want it to be! Byeeee


Midori Nakamura
Midori turned when she heard a girl come up and greet her. Midori already had quite a few clothing options in her hands. She looked at the girl, she knew her from school. Midori smiled at her. “My break was great. Yours?”

@Alexwrites - yeah they can be acquaintances. Especially since anybody that is not brand new to Rosewood would know who Midori is, at least her name and how popular she is.


Melody Heart

She gave off a slight smile. “Good for you.”

She shifted her weight a little and shrugged. “My break? Oh. It was okay, nothing out of the usual.”

She looked around the area, then at the clothes that she had in her hand. “Cute choices, I like them.” She said, gesturing at the clothing pieces she had.



Blaire Mills

I wake up. I didn’t want to be up. I had a message from Sila. So I decide to text her back.

Hey. Yeah we can meet up at some time today.

I smile as I sit there. I wonder what everyone is doing today. I decide to get dressed.
Aprrochable by phone

Amelia Gordon

I wake up. I can’t believe we start school soon. I’m not ready to meet new people. This is gonna be an adventure. I was told. I guess I’ll see. I decide to go to the mall.



I lay in bed. I don’t want to get up and get the last day started. I wonder what Blake and Chad are doing. I need some new friends. I smile as I think of where to go. I decide to go to the mall.



It’s so hard to be gay. Especially when it’s a secret. I need to find a man. He thought as he sat on his bed. He decided to watch some tv. He waited for a message on his phone.

approachable by phone

Chad Weber

I sit at my computer doing what I do. Some people know. They pay me to do things for them on the computer. This makes me happy. I realized it was getting late. So I stop doing it and get dressed. I then smile as I head out to the brew.



JC Bellefort

I roll out of bed, feeling a little bummed out that today is the last day of summer. I shower and get dressed, then head to the mall to look for anyone remotely my age and/or my sister’s friends, even though she hates it when I talk to them. I walk into the music store and begin to look at sheet music.

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat
Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat

Sila Forest

“I’ll go then.” I said while I roll my eyes. I walk away and grab my laptop. I headed outside and went for a walk. I decided to sit by a tree and draw.


Sila Woods

Ok how about in an hour. At the diner. “ I texted Blaire. Then I go back to drawing. I started to draw a flower. In the end it was probably my best one.

Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat