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Pretty Little Liars RP

Welcome to Rosewood bi**hes. You all think that your secrets are safe. You’re all wrong. I know all of your deepest darkest secrets. Everything you don’t want anybody to know. Get ready liars, you better be on your “A” game. - A

This roleplay is inspired by the show Pretty Little Liars.

Secrets run rampant in the small town of Rosewood. Large or small nearly everyone has some type of secret. For some of the teenagers at Rosewood High that think their secrets are safe, they are about to discover that secrets have a way of getting out. This is all because of their mysterious stalker A.

In this rp I will send messages as A to the RPers.
Now please read all information below

Rules and Information: Sign Ups Included Here
  • Nobody knows the identity of A, unless I have specifically told you their identity.
  • Please try to be active. At least post once a day.
  • If you have any problems with being able to be active, or you have something come up in real life, just let me know.
  • A will focus on the girls to begin with, but as A watches, the guys will keep being drawn in.
  • Please don’t make super short replies. Posts, unless I am making a post as A, all posts must be at least 4 full sentences. I just know how hard it can to respond to one short sentence replies. So just please give your fellow RPers something to work with when you reply.
  • When you create your characters, add details. You don’t have to write an essay about them, but be descriptive.
  • Most importantly: I do not want any characters that are murderers. If you really want it, pm me about it and explain to me why.
  • The same goes for having your characters be/know drug dealers and hackers. If you want it pm me. Because there are enough already.
  • If you want to have your character be A’s helper/assistant pm me. I’m willing for A to have an partner (male or female), but it is not guaranteed, We can discuss why, and I will look at your posts and previous rp experience to decide. Over time there will be at least one helper.

Also every character better have some juicy secrets for A to exploit. Secrets they wouldn’t want getting out. No matter how good at lying the characters are, A still manages to find out the truth.

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When the RP begins, this thread will be used for any discussion and chat outside of the RP. You can include an ORP at the bottom of a post, but I do not want any lone ORPs on the Official thread.

And please don’t move too fast. I don’t want more than a couple of replies of back to back posting when a couple of characters are talking. This RP has to go at a slower pace for everyone to keep up. Since I have to read every single post, other RPers have a hard time keeping up with the RP that way, and other RPers can also feel left out or get bored with the RP when there is a large amount of back to back posting.
Since I will be reading all of the posts I will also hit like on them as I read them.

Pretty Little Liars RP - Official Thread
New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Reserve for one female please!
Also I want to make sure this won’t be scary in a horror way, since I have anxiety.

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No it won’t be in a horror way. In my opinion at most is that characters could discover that someone is dead.

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Also can someone help me find a face claim? I want her to have dafk hair and warm skin, she’s straight A student but doesn’t seem to care that much, can be quite harsh but is open-minded.

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Here’s a few options that I have, and I’ve used a couple of them in rps but you can use one of them. If those don’t work I have more stashed away somewhere.


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I really like the first one, but she doesn’t look like 17 does she?

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She does look like she could be 17 in my opinion. Probably at least a little closer to 18 though

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Would anyone like to make sibling characters?


Ooh I’d be interested in that! Maybe they can have a secret/plot together? PM?


@ChayChay- since you wanted me to tag you

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Also don’t be afraid to plot with others ahead of time and come up with a possible group secret for your characters. It can even possibly make people more nervous when A starts messaging them about it.


Has anyone but me submitted?

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I haven’t yet but I am after I’m done work


I’m going to do my female soon! If anyone wants to plot something, PM me! I really want her to have future romantic interests or best friends

@Drama_Queer @Ms.Kate @KBaldi93 @LittleFeets


Sure! I’ll PM you!


I just submitted a girl. Amelia Gordon