Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat


Or when people use ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ or ‘were’ instead of ‘where’. Or even ‘their’ instead of ‘there’!
So. Damn. Annoying.



Mine doesn’t have a relationship with yours, pm me!!

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I know there are a bunch of people not on right now… but I am in the process of making the official thread.
And if you haven’t signed up, don’t worry. I don’t plan on closing sign ups. Just message/tag me when you sign up.

Also if anybody wants to plan anything out with me, plot for characters, or relationship wise just let me know.



@riahh30 your characters are in The faceclaims.



The official thread is up!

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Hey @Alyssa_Epi I would recommend having your character go out somewhere so it would be easier for someone to approach her.



@Lovelyy_Iqraa hey remember by having your character just at their own house they can’t interact with anybody else. I recommend having her go somewhere so that way she can interact with others and you can actually rp.

Also its still not that late in the day. It’s around noon or so maybe around 1pm at the latest

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Okay! Thanks for the heads up :heart:

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Just so people know, if you want an NPC for any reason, you can let me know and I will happily be the NPC for you if you don’t want to be the NPC.

Also I’m waiting for some more people to post before I start sending messages as A

Just so I know. Would people like for me to write up a school schedule for the characters when they are at school?

  • Make a school schedule
  • Don’t make a schedule
  • Don’t make a schedule, but have it as if they have classes only with people in the same grade as them

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And does anybody want to volunteer their character/s to receive the first messages from A



By the way people probably wouldn’t go to places like Starbucks, unless they were heading all the way into Philadelphia. In town there is a local coffee shop that pretty much everyone goes to for coffee and things of that variety.

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Okay, i’m sorry for all the mistakes :sweat_smile:

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It’s fine. I can understand. I just want to give you and the others a heads up when I notice something.

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@Alyssa_Epi remember at least 4 full length sentences.

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Can I start RPing later? I’m very, very busy. And I’d like Ava to receive the first message when I post.



Yep you can start rping later. I completely understand being busy in real life. Got it. I will have her receive one of the first messages. If you have a preference of what it’s about, just let me know in the pm.

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I really don’t know how to start. Also I can’t think of any other part-time jobs unless those that Ella used… S. O. S.?



I’ll volunteer for Melody receiving one of the first messages.



Examples of jobs: The person who stocks the shelves at a store, cashier somewhere other than a grocery store, a barista at the cafe, cleaning the tables at a restaurant, doing small odd jobs for people such as mowing lawns or fixing things.

Just start with your character going somewhere since it’s the last day of summer vacation.



okay hang on i’ll change mine so that Lily doesn’t leave the house, then Noah and her can interact

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