Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat


I’ll volunteer for Melody receiving one of the first messages.



Examples of jobs: The person who stocks the shelves at a store, cashier somewhere other than a grocery store, a barista at the cafe, cleaning the tables at a restaurant, doing small odd jobs for people such as mowing lawns or fixing things.

Just start with your character going somewhere since it’s the last day of summer vacation.



okay hang on i’ll change mine so that Lily doesn’t leave the house, then Noah and her can interact

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edited it! she hasn’t left now

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I’ll reply in few minutes.

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@Caticorn School hasn’t started yet! It’s still the last day of summer vacation! Please read over the starting post I made fore everyone.



Sorry I wanted to type something since I had to go.

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It’s better to wait and type something later than to have an extremely short reply that is very hard to respond to like that.
We all understand that people have busy lives outside of the forums, so we can be patient and wait a little while.

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I’m so sorry if it feels like I’m being harsh, or nagging, but you keep typing the wrong last name. You have multiple times put Sila Woods instead of Sila Forest.

Also I’ve asked that people try to not do a lot of back to back posting with just a couple characters in one conversation, but you have done two posts in a row for the same character. That clutters up the thread and decreases the length of your posts.

And it is a lot easier for the other RPers when you tag the owner of the character that your character is speaking to. That way they are less likely to miss the post.




I don’t even know what happened… I wanted to reply but then I just kind of didn’t… Can I post on morning GMT time?

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Someone approach me please. Lol



I can approach one of your characters with Hazel once I finish replying for another rp.

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Yep that is fine

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I continued with Blaire. They could start their meet up.



Hi anyone approachable? I had a lot of homework and haven’t even posted once yet but I will

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Do you have a preference for who I have Hazel approach?

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Sounds good to me.

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Anyone but blaire. Lol

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All my characters but blurry and whoever littlefeets approaches. So I’ll have 3 characters.

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