Pretty Little Liars RP - Sign Ups & Chat


You gonna approach Chad? He is at the mall. Lol

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Yep I’m about to


Can I just say please try to remeber to tag the people you are talking to. If you mention someone’s character tag them too so they can read what you said abt them.


I am so sorry. I will go redo that.


Just to help people out I’m going to make a list of who is Approachable for everyone.

Approachable List:
Angie Stonewood - @Lovelyy_Iqraa
JC Bellefort - @Caticorn
Stormi Mazzālīte - @Drama_Queer
Alexandra “Lexi” Butler - @KBaldi93
Blake Mills - @KBaldi93

Characters with no posts yet:
Noah Smith - @riahh30
Emma Wilson - @riahh30

Any characters that are not in these lists are in conversations.


i shall post later today it is 12 am and i lack any inspiration to be on forums right now if that’s okay…?


Yep it’s perfectly fine! It’s the same time for me anyway.


Hey @Alyssa_Epi just a quick reminder to try to proofread your posts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I just wanted to give you a reminder since I’ve been noticing that it doesn’t look like you proofread your post.


I have Jayden approachable if anyone is on. Feel free to approach him. I believe he is at the mall.

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We should probably keep the Orp here @Drama_Queer

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OOC: Sh*t my eyesight is crap i was supposed to post that on the sign ups and Amelia sorry

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Oh wow… all but one of characters is at the mall. Lol


and that’s MEEEE i think.

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Deleted my post to unclutter the thread.


Oh… lol no she isn’t cheating on amelia. Amelia is in a convo with Channing right now. I have Jayden available or you are more then welcome to text Amelia or show up at the mall where all my characters are.

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Plus I kinda forgot which one your character was suppose to be with… lol

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We’re just as bad as eachother lol

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Lol. I just found the pm. Lol I remember now. Your checker is friends with Doug doesn’t like Blaire and is with Amelia. Got it… lol

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@Littlefeets @Ella
Lilly and Noah are too poor to afford phones, so I decided they would have a mail and use it via library computer. With that, others would ask for favors and they’d do it… Kind of like Aria in The Dragon Bride. But then I realized, how would they get texts? Would it be just emails? And would they get them together?

Just 30 more posts to read…

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They could get notes from A? Or I feel like they would have like flip phones where they could only call or receive texts

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