(Pretty sure nobody will understand this) How do you speed up a characters animation?

FOR EXAMPLE: If I use the animation “shush” at the end of that animation the character has a certain facial expression that I want. But I can’t rly do that because the animation shows the character shushing. I only want the ending facial expression. I’m sorry if u don’t understand this… it’s so hard to explain :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4: PLZ HELP.

You can’t speed up an animation.
You have a pause in between animations though.

This is what you want?


I get what you’re talking about. The way I do it is I create an overlay with the character at the end of that animation. All you need to do is screenshot the character when they have the facial expression that you want and cut it out (Remove.bg works amazingly well). Then, upload it as an overlay to the Art Catalog and use it as needed.
Hope this helps! :wink:


THANK. YOU. I love you.

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you can create a duplicate of your character and have the duplicate character do the animation off screen and then just put them in the spot on screen when you need it

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