Preveiwer Issues

Hey! I’m having issues with the writers portal previewer. When ever i press preveiw it says loading but then i just get a white screen. I’ve tried refeshing, clearing cache and switching browser. Can anyone help?

I Jade this problem too u have to press preview 2 times

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I’t used to load after the second press. But not aymore. just a white screen

Are you using chrome?

I’ve tried chrome, firefox and internet explorer and all do the same


Maybe try submitting a ticket to the episode team? :thinking:

Or maybe you have an error in your script?

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I’ve tested it on the mobile version and it’s fine

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Oki then. I don’t know what is happening then :frowning_face:

@NDWrites, if you haven’t already, I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support. They’d be happy to help :smile: