Preview Animations in Character editor, Toaster and Speech Bubble Updates

Hey Episodians!

NEW ON THE WRITERS PORTAL: Preview Animations in the Character Editor

We’ve updated the character editor to allow you to view animations in the previewer!

So when you’re designing your character, you’ll be able to see if they can really pull off that flirty wink. :wink:


NEW IN THE APP: Toaster updates

We noticed that in some stories and devices that toasters were intrusive since they would sometimes cover characters during scenes.


We made adjustments to the toaster placements and timing to help fix this issue and make the toasters feel less intrusive in general.


UPDATE: Speech Bubble Styles

In our last update on Speech Bubble Styles, we began to rollout to 50% of readers when the Episode community pointed out the speech bubbles were not being placed correctly anymore. We immediately rolled back so this wouldn’t affect your stories or your readers experience while we worked on a fix.

We are happy to announce that this is fixed! You should see this updated in app update that will be going out this week. Once this fix is out to everyone we will continue our plan to roll out to all readers. Thank you for being patient and helping us make this feature great!

Stay tuned for more on this in upcoming updates!

As always, we’re excited to get these released to you and would love to hear your thoughts below :point_down:


not sure if it’s just me but I’m not seeing the character editor update just yet :frowning: am I just too impatient :joy:


YESSSS. Being able to preview animations will be so useful for making covers :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: tysm!!! :revolving_hearts:


I agree! Might not seem like such a big deal to others, but this will change my life!


yayy! a new update :heart_eyes:

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I’m not seeing the animation previewer in the writers portal. Is the update live for all authors?

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I can’t wait for the updated speech bubble styles to be fixed and roll out to everyone, as well as to see them in work once they’re ready in the portal! :star_struck:


So, just to be sure, all the speech bubble styles haven’t been rolled out yet, right? And this update, will it be like that on the web previewers? c:

New seechbubbles works erfectly to me! YAY! I’m looking forward to new improvements to the speech bubbles like colors,shape,etc

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How do I add toasters into my story?

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readerMessage What you want to say here

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