Preview button not working?

the preview button on my story just suddenly stopped working? it’s completely greyed out (as you can see in the photo below). i restarted my laptop, restarted chrome, exited everything and it’s still not working.



It’s been happening to everyone it seems. :woman_shrugging:


EPISODE needs to fix this!!!

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Episode need to be updated soon. I hate this happended to me.

i thought i was the only one. It keeps saying that i should check my errors, but the only errors are my backgrounds and overlays that havent been verified


Yeah I have the same problem!

Mine is also not letting me preview the story while using unapproved overlays/ backgrounds :frowning:


guys submit support tickets to the team. I hope they will get this fixed asap.

I’ve got the same problem too, not sure why it’s doing it but i do hope they fix this!

Same issue. :frowning: I’ve just submitted a ticket. :S I hope they’ll fix it soon.

Exact same thing for me! I’m super pissed right now. Felt inspired after work to write only for this to happen…

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I’m super pissed right now this is ridiculous!

Please, let us preview the story when background and overlays are in the proccess… I’m stuck :frowning:

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Yep im having the same issues, its SOOOO annoying!!

Me too, I’ll either have to delete the whole scene or try to do it on my phone. This super annoying

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Closing since this I’m rerouting all discussion of this issue back to Episode...WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! :smiley: