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Hi everybody I am new here and I want to ask you how can I use command preview on just certain clothing for example I just want to add a wound on limelight Blood Stain Neck Chest Red but I don’t know how to write a code, i don’t want to change whole outfit (limelight)


You have to create an outfit same as the one the character is wearing and add a scar.

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Its the only I know

You need to copy the outfit and add scar to it and save it as you do to other outfits…Then just @ch1 changes into outfit name

This is the only way…

I see, because I had a custom character while I was reading other stories, and I chose outfits by myself and later in story those bruises were added

It happens by using if/elif/else commands…since the author is unaware of which dress reader might have chose so he/she will create duplicates of the previous dress that are given in the choice then use if/elif/else command to change into duplicate with bruise…

I did the same in my story but instead of bruise I added blue veins.

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could you show an example with if/elif/else command? if it’s allowed of course, I am still getting into it slowly :slight_smile:

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Yeah I can… Wait

This was what I gave readers to choose

And this is how I made alternative outfits with blue veins so that only blue veins appear without any other change

You can use else at last choice… Mine worked this way so I didn’t change.
Sorry for the quality of image…

this is perfect, thank you very much let me have a better look but I am starting to understand it better already.

I also want to add that clothing and suddenly remove it and add it again, and then back and forth :smiley: (I am writing fantasy)

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Then I guess u have to create another outfit…

thank you very much for help! I am definitely going to try this right now :slight_smile:

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no problem… I m glad I can help :relaxed::heartbeat:

Another question, i started next episode, I used if,elif and else code but it didn’t remember my choice from the previous episode anyway, for example I chose in the previous episode outfit number 1 but in the next episode I used the if elif else command but it put me only to outfit number 2cfbb1892d5b13b1b95d0d753dae944c

My choice was the 1st ouftit from the previous chapter but in this chapter I get to “wear” the third option anyway

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Did you select the outfit in the app and then navigate to this episode and test it? I ask this because the web previewer doesn’t remember choices, but the app does.

(: Also, here’s Dara’s helpful guide if you haven’t already looked at it:

There’s also a preview command that may come in handy for you sometimes. Example: A reader can CC their character but if you want to change their eye color for a section of the story you can use this command:
@CHARACTER previews eyesColor COLORHERE

Then later:
@CHARACTER unpreviews eyesColor COLORHERE
And it will revert back to whatever eye color the reader chose when they were CCing. This command works for any of the character features as well as outfits, but for outfits you would need to add “outfit” before you write the outfit name.

First, you the outfit inside “” is not highlighted as it was in my script… This means maybe you have made it in another tab…so you can refresh to check if it is highlighted after that or not…
Secondly, I guess that you have not labeled the choice in 1st script…my bad I forgot to mention that… When you gave option in first episode, you need to write choice(start_outfit) … Only then it will work

Thirdly, web previewer don’t remember choices, so you need to check it on app…

Next time, please mention me if you have any question, I didn’t get notified about this comment so I replied this late

yes I tried through the app it still changed me into outfit number 3 even though I chose outfit number 1

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I did looked at it but for some reason I was left confused :confused: I just didn’t understand why it didn’t remember my choice from previous chapter

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Did you label it?
You haven’t used the code for else