Preview doesn’t showing!

So guys, this is frustrating me.
My preview is just not showing anything

it just says ‘downloading’ and nothing.
I tried looking up on both of my devices to see if any of it will work, and both Chrome and Safari ain’t work!!! It both shows the exact same thing!

Please anyone help!
And sorry for my bad english T-T
I just want to write ahh!

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umm do you have flash on?

idk pls dont kill me

What is flash? I’m so sorry my english is just ugh TT…

adobe flash?

Did u try refreshing?

I don’t think I have one because I’ve been writing by using the website for awhile and nothing really happens. Till today I open and both Safari and Chrome and Episode preview does not working​:disappointed::sob::sob:

Yes, I did! But nothing happens. It’s not working TT still showing the ‘dowloading’ TTTTTT

do you mean you’ve never used the web previewer?

No no. I mean I use it for awhile but then today it just stop working for some reason. );:

try opening it the script on a different page or refresh. and make sure not to press the preview button before everything loads

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Okay, I’ll try that. Thank you for your help and time TwT

I did that but it’s still freeze with the ‘downloading’ thingy TT
I don’t know how to fix it ahhhh

If nothing works, submit a ticket here

I have no idea tooo :sob:

Thank you, I’ve send support ticket and my portal has working now.
Thanm you so much​:heart::heart:

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You’re welcome, glad it’s solved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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