Preview doesn't work!

HOW am I supposed to write a story when my previewer doesn’t work ???
And this is happening all the time.
SERIOUSLY Episode do something!
It doesn’t work on my phone or on my laptop!
Few hours work at least on my phone. :angry:

Tap on the orange preview

lol :roll_eyes:
I’m not stupid,I did that.


Oh, my.
It works like that with me.
Good luck. \o

sorry for that comment :upside_down_face:
I wasn’t trying to be mean :slightly_frowning_face:

:skull::skull::skull::skull: omg

I’ve resorted to using my iPad all day which is fine but for some reason, it completely crashes whenever I try to use the device helper (which I really need for the scenes I’m directing) :roll_eyes: :rage:
It works for me every now and again, then suddenly I’ll get that runtime error that someone else posted in another ‘report a bug’ thread :persevere:

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