Preview Error Please Help me


Hi, I have been having this error on the classic preview where the outfits and hairstyle won’t change, it just stuck on default. I sent a ticket twice to Episode and I still haven’t gotten a response. It’s getting pretty frustrating. When I go on the app and preview it, the outfits change, but the hairstyle still won’t change. I don’t know If I’m coding anything wrong. is this happening to anyone else? Please lmk if you have any advice, I’d really appreciate it! :grinning:
This what I have coded for the hairstyle.

Discussion: Unfair Treatment

Customization codes do not work for Classic. If you want to change your character’s hair, you will need to create a duplicate character with that hairstyle.


I’ve done it before and it worked, it just recently stopped working.


You have to change the hair
@CARMEN changes hair into Monday Morning Updo
Black and Brown Box Braid Updo
Braid Crown Updo
etc :slight_smile:


Do you use ink? Because my answer is for ink after for others I don’t know :disappointed_relieved:


I’m sorry, I’m confused. The name of the hairstyle I wanna put is Complex Updo Black.


no this is on classic


I don’t know I’m sorry


Having this problem right now, ugh. got the outfits to work but the hairstyle is taking the mick. Why is episode so unfair to classic users. there’s so many bugs and missing features we actually had before. so unfair man. cant work in any other style. ill let you know if i get it to work tho. :]


Thanks, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with this problem. I sent a ticket, then they answered but once they heard its classic they stopped answering. it’s really annoying. I will let you know if anything changes for me too.


How did you get the outfits to work?


I didn’t know you can do that! :open_mouth: This is the first time I’m hearing this! It would makes things easier to change hairstyle that way!


Yeah but it hasn’t been working for me lately. its usually @CHARACTER changes hair into hairstyle, but I just cant get it to work!


That sucks :frowning: I hope there is someone can fix this!


NOW the previewer wont even work for character section, AH. I’m just about done with episode’s unfairness. This sucks. Um the thing is the outfits only were visible on the app, not on the online previewer, but I’ll send you my script if you want?


Hey! I am sooo sorry, but I asked around and found out you actually do have to create another character for a differet hairstyle. I feel delusional because I could’ve sworn it was working but :woman_facepalming:


Yeah, I am having even more issues now with the previewer. I have a zoom in my script, and now it stays like that 100% of the time. Getting really sick of it, and yeah the outfits work on the app, but not on preview, which still isn’t okay. It’s an inconvenience.


Oh sorry, my bad. I thought you already knew that xD Uh yes, but it’s time consuming. The coding is easier. A luxury we don’t have ofc.


RIGHTT??? Episode are being annoying i swear.


I’ve played episode since Tangled love and all those classic stories. Basically when the shelves were ALL Classic, Those were the days. I never had a problem with Classic then. Now because LL and Ink are in, Classic clearly has been abandoned. It sucks, because like you and I, still write in Classic. Episode are so unreasonable, it seriously sucks. I hope another platform, like spotlight or choices allows us to create stories online in the future.