Preview error / script error

So i was just coding my script and i wanted to see how it looked so when i tried to preview it the char would freeze so i refreshed it still did the same thing i even exited out and went back in and its doing the same thing.

Can you make a screen shot of your script?

There’s an error above the previewer. If refreshing doesn’t fix it it may be a bug on the portal. You can try opening it in another browser :woman_shrugging: like Mozilla or something. Sometimes it just acts up :smile:

ok ty :heart_hands:

Hey so its been almost a week and it’s still doing the same thing and idk what to do at this point …

You could copy all your code for that episode into another program (and save it). Delete all the code for that episode and then copy it back in in small chunks. Preview it after each chunk is copied back in until the error reappears. That’ll narrow down where the error is occurring.

Could be something to do with having spaces in character names? I don’t know. Someone like @Dara.Amarie would know.

ok thank you

help my script keeps saying you forgot to name ur premium choice :sob:

but i named it

Can you send your script?

Hey, I’m actually going through the same problem right now with the preview not working. I’d first suggest that you look at this on Episode and try each of these steps:

If these don’t work then you’ll have to send a support ticket to Episode to fix this! This isn’t a script error, it’s one in the portal, like a glitch. Wish you luck! :llama: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

its telling me i cant embed media in this post

ok! ty i sent a support ticket

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You can copy paste it here. You don’t need your whole script, just the part giving you the issue.

(here it says the error tho its nothing)
GEMS:17"Vanilla PJs" {

&ARIA changes into ARIA_sleep

} “The old sweats” {

&ARIA changes into ARIA_sleep2


@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

    ARIA (think_rubchin)
Are these my pajamas?

“Yes!” {

} “No.” {


goto pajamas

i watched a tutorial for it and idk if its that or-

the error says: You forgot to name your premium choice! Please add (choiceName) after the choice command.

It’s because you need to name the choice. For example:

choice (choosing_pjs)

And then you write the choices.

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