Preview error with story


This keeps happening when I try to preview my story. I don’t know what’s happening. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it? It happens when I get to this one specific peice of coding, but I dont know whats wrong.
This is what I have coded:
@ ELISE spot 1.211 108 34 in zone 2 AND ELISE faces right AND ELISE is blush AND IVY spot 1.217 19 24 in zone 2 AND IVY faces right AND IVY is primp
@SHANE spot 1.195 206 49 in zone 2 AND SHANE faces left
@SHANE changes into Blue swim trunks AND SHANE is think
@PEIRCE spot 1.185 284 51 in zone 2 AND PEIRCE faces left
@PEIRCE changes into Red swim trunks AND PEIRCE is talk_crossed_arms
@pan to zone 2
Also, when I test it on the app, their outfits never change.


I believe that changing command should be in separate lines as its own.


ohhh okay, I’m gonna try that!


It worked thanks so much! You’ve always been really helpful!


Happy to help :grin::heart: