Preview isn't working

Whenever I try to preview my story it just automatically shows an error face or it just glitches. Is this happening to anyone else?

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Have you tried refreshing/reloading the page?
or try to sign out of your portal account and then sign in again, it should work! :))

yesss I’m having that same problem for months now. My “save” and “save and preview” buttons are just “loading…” now and it has already been like that for 2 and a half months. :frowning:

try fully logging out of your account, then disable all the security protection in your desktop settings, then log back into your accounts (All security protections are disabled)

These steps worked for me when I had this issue (for almost 2 months) Hope this helps!

Can I ask how to log out? I’ve been googling it but it never gives me a straight answer It says I probably signed into the wrong account but I dont know how to sign out

on the top right corner of the writers portal site, you’ll see your avatar. Usually, when you click on it, a small bubble will appear with 3 words including “log out”. Now, I know there this bug: sometimes the bubble won’t show up, but try it first and lemme know. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sorry for not adding this in the beginning but I can’t even click on my profile, Its just a default picture which I tried to click on but it didn’t do anything it has one notification which I can’t get to because it won’t let me open my profile

That happened to me too and I had to log out from payments. All you gotta do is go to payments and use the same log out process there. Hope this works for you :slight_smile:

Omg thanks it works Here i was thinking it was my computers fault :face_holding_back_tears:

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