Preview my story (paying if needed)

Hey! I really need someone to preview my story and make it go smootly and without any problems or errors :slight_smile: I need a really good director
If someone wants to do it for free i would be so happy but i can pay a little if necessary


How many episodes is it?

Its only 1 so far

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oh ok, I could do it

You mean u want the coding to be without any errors?

Yep :slight_smile: and the whole episode to actually look good :sweat_smile:
It’s really bad rn

Well, I’m ready to help (if u need it lol)

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Do u have any examples? :slight_smile:

Tv show

Examples in the sense?

Like stories or smth u directed :slight_smile:
It has lots of overlays btw

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Ah well I do but I haven’t really published it.

(Mine has loads of overlays too lmao)

Yo, me again, sorry to let u know this, but many overlays are not quite my scene, hope u find someone super skilled!

Okay! It’s all good dw

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Can I maybe read it so far?

There’s nothing much in there rn. I’m making the customisation code and the overlays rn

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