Preview not loading! [SOLVED]

So when I start my computer and open my script in Episode, I want to preview my story. But the preview window just stays black and it says “Loading story” but the story never shows. I restarted my computer and it worked eventually. But I’m just sick of having to restart my computer everytime because episode’s preview window won’t load.
And now that Episode has done this new update so that you can’t preview your story on your phone until you have three chapters with at least 400 lines, then I can’t preview my story in any other way since I’m on my first chapter. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is anyone else having this problem? And is there a way to fix it, or is it a bug that episode have to fix?

//Struggling episode writer :wink:

I think I fixed it by changing my web browser from firefox to chrome. It works so much better:grinning:

Glad you figured it out! :wink: Solved and closed. :smile: