Preview Not Working in Portal

The preview function in the writer portal is not working.
I use Chrome and cleaned out the cookies and cache and all that. I also tried it on firefox,
I have no errors in portal. I logged out of portal and logged back in several times, reloaded the writer portal page etc.
When I click on preview, it shows it loading the picture screen, but then it gets stuck. This happens on both the browsers I used.
Please sort this bug. Thanks.

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Did you make sure your chrome was up to date? I know sometimes it does that to me, then I will have to go and update chrome!

Mine does the same thing And the sound doesn’t work either

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Reload? @Catlover77 @tamara.episode @SUEBLONDY

@Catlover77 @SUEBLONDY you may need to submit help tickets to our support team, they’d be more than happy to help! :smiley:

You’ll need to wait for the team to respond to your ticket if they haven’t already. :smiley: