Preview not working, mine is just staying white


Anyone else previewer just staying white. Like it’s not even trying to load or anything. I have exit out a few time and tried refreshing the page and nothing seems to work. I use google chrom only.


Try using Firefox or something. That might work.


Ive tried useing others on my coumpter and it don’t even load it thats why I always use google chrome.


Hmm, try to preview it on your phone.


Thank you, I didn’t thank to do that. I’ll try it. :slight_smile:


I think it works best with Google Chrome. Hope you get it working. If you still need help feel free to submit a ticket to our support team. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes that’s why it’s all I use, it seems to be working know. Thank you.


Great! Happy to hear it’s working! Do you happen to know what fixed it? Thanks! :grin:


No, I don’t sorry, I exited out and left it allowed it to just be for a bit and then got back on and it was working.


Solved and closed. Thanks @Bethany1! :ok_hand: