Preview on the writer's portal is not downloading

So since yesterday (or maybe the day before, I’m not sure), I can’t see a preview of any of the stories I’m working on… Everything else seems to work just fine I can add new characters, outfits even scripts I just can’t load the Preview, it just keeps downloading, and then NOTHING. I tried with other stories, different episodes, or shorter scripts but everywhere it’s the same problem. When I’m checking my stories in the app it works fine so I have no idea what’s going on… Please help!

Have you tried clearing your cookies in your browser?

Yeah, I cleared literally everything I could, and still nothing :confused:

you could try using a different browser?

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OMG TAHNK YOU SO MUCH <3 I would NEVER think of that lol xD but still, I don’t understand why it’s not working as usual… ;/ But hey! At least it works! Thank you again <3

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You’re welcome! I kept having issues with the portal on google but not any other browser so I always suggest that lol! So weird

Yeah I get that it’s just a shame that I have all my other stuff on google so now I need two separate browsers lol

thats so rubbish dude i totally get u

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Use VPN maybe? :thinking:
My friend also had the same problem few months ago. She could make characters, create outfits, but when she wanted to code …her script kept saying 'loading assets" continuously…, but then, luckily, the built-in browser VPN saved the day yay! :joy:

Let me know if it works! :yay:

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Oh! and alsoooo…
which browser do you use for coding? I use Opera GX and it already has a built-in VPN, so it makes everything easier if you wanna use VPN…
I’m not sure Google Chrome or Firefox has built-in VPNs, if you use them? :thinking:

Yeah, so we had the same problem! But it seems to resolve itself over time so I still have no idea why it happened :sweat_smile: I’m using Chrome, I honestly have no idea if it has built-in VPNs :sweat_smile: Sorry I didn’t reply sooner but thank you! :heart: :heart: :heart: I’ll definitely remember to try it if it happens again and then I’ll let you know if it works but hopefully, it will not happen again :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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Oh yayyy that’s amazing! :partying_face:

From what I’ve heard that whenever Episode is about to release any update (let it be female/male clothing and stuff like that), some authors face this portal preview problem or sometimes glitches…
but yeahhhh, lets hope it doesnt happen again :grimacing::joy: