Preview problem


Anyone else having problems with there preview? I try to make sure everything looks okay and it plays one or two lines then I get an error 52. I put a ticket in. I also have extied out twice and want back in and it’s still doing it.


I’m having the same problem! mine says error 11


I hope they get it fixed soon.


I have it too! Error 11 ):


I have the solution now, Ive just downloaded a new browser and it worked absolutely fine there. Sorry for the horrible grammar :confused:



i dunno but this happened to me yesterday. I switched off my laptop and left it for 2 hours and then when I switched it on, it was fine


I use Chrome it’s the only thing that works for me


Yes same here, I just tried again and it’s fine must be a big bug that they are working on.


I got scared for a second and panicked a little bit (in my head tho). But everything is fine for me now, and im glad that I wasnt the only one with this shitty bug. :smiley:


yh same. I tried edge but it messed up my laptop


First of all try to use Chrome. If it’s not helping, check ur script. Most likely there are mistakes


That’s what I use. But after closing out for about 2 hours and going back it was fine. :blush: thank you


Mine works now! It was because a little mistake with the script haha


In my experience, this is a device issue, Sometimes when you click save and preview it uses a lot of internet or wifi to save it, and can crash/glitch everything after that (like the preview) Usually shutting down or restarting your device will help. Good luck! :smiley:


As I said earlier on, try to just restart your device. It works best.