Preview Screen (Please Help <3)


****I need help with my preview screen. it doesn’t load correctly and I cant view my story. What do you advise me to do so I can see my story???


Is it giving you an error message? If you have any errors in your script, previewer may not run.


Now it is but at first it just said Downloading then the numbers behind it and never show. Is it something wrong with episode?


I’m not really sure. Mine is currently working. You could try just closing all of your tabs and reopening them and seeing if that fixes the previewer.


I have tried it and still didn’t work wait till tommorow?


Mine is doing the same thing. :confounded: I’ve been trying it for the past couple of days, since I got a new laptop, and it hasn’t worked once. I’ve tried refreshing the page, exiting and returning, and I’ve restarted my computer a couple of times. It’s like it just doesn’t work on my new one, I don’t know.


Did you try maybe clearing the browser cache? Also what browser are you using?


Mines never worked, I think it might just be an error on Episodes part. I’ve given up on using it to be honest, but if anyone knows how to get it to work then I would love to know. I just use the Episode app to look at my story. Hopefully they start working soon…