Preview stopped working

hey, well i was writing a story in writer portal but when i want to preview my story it keeps saying, downloading data… and i am am using chrome browser, i have tried firefox, opera mini and safari but it keeps saying the same thing and there is no error on my script. can someone tell me how to fix this

Have you tried refreshing the page?
Also, it could be an error that the program isn’t telling you. Try opening it with the app.

i opened it with the app and everything is running smoothly, i don’t know where the error might be coming from,

It may just be bad connection at the moment, retry in some time.

ok, thanks


  • Restarting your PC/Mac
  • A different Browser (Chrome is recommended)
  • Clear Browser Cache
  • A different internet network
  • Disabling any browser extensions or addons that could be causing this

This should resolve your issue. Thanks!

I tried everything but nothing worked it was still the same, i don’t know what to do… thanks anyways

found out it was my wifi problem, thanks!!!

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Glad you got it resolved. Closing topic :slight_smile: