Preview story check & r4r


Would someone mind reading my story before i actually publish it?
It isn’t completely done yet (3rd episode is still being worked on)
I just want to make sure everything actually flows well toegether and make sure I don’t have too much errors
it’s in the Drama Genre btw

here’s the link:

r4r form


Can you tell me the genre of the story please?


the genre is drama


Oh! I would have loved to try it but it’s just drama is not really my genre! All the best for your story though!


Hey, I will read it. Once i’m done I will give some feedback in the form.


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Hey, I’m down for a R4R :grin:
Title: Skai’s Stories
Author: Mystery
Style: INK
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 4 (More coming soon!)
***I screenshot proof




I’m also down for reading unpublished stories! :blush:
Would also appreciate it if you guys could provide me with feedback on mine as well!
Genre: Romance/Drama/Thriller
Description: A simple question from a stranger has led you to the hopeless yet exciting mess you are in now. Will you use your own experiences throughout the story when making choices?



What’s the link to your story?


So sorry for late reply :sweat_smile:. Here’s the link


Haha no problem!

Really enjoyed the first episode! I really felt like I was in the story :hugs:
I’ll be reading the next episodes later on :smiley:


Aw, I’m glad to hear :heart: