Preview update?


So has anyone gotten their preview fixed? Mines still messed up and i filed a ticket but they said since they got so many tickets they couldn’t help me :roll_eyes:

Error 94(Writer Portal)

mine still doesnt work either


My preview works most of the time


You’re lucky :weary:


I got problems with it too. It works once and then I need to reload the page. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. :frowning:


I also get errors on firefox. Error 94 (I don’t know what error this is) and “Cannot load story from a node that does not exist” or something of that sort. I never used to get these previously. :woman_facepalming:


Same. I’ve been switching back and forth between Chrome and it’s been really buggy and glitchy.


It won’t let me review my story. All that pops up is error 94. Help!


You can refresh the page-lately, I’ve been getting some errors, too (and so have some other people) where the story won’t preview. Sigh

Good luck! :revolving_hearts:


Thanks and good luck to you too!:sparkling_heart:


Hello !
I’ve the same error for a while now even though I refreshed the page …

Any idea how to fix this ?

Thank you !


this same error keeps showing on my page…

Do you know how to fix it? It is so annoying I can not preview the story.



If you’re experiencing issues with the Portal, please submit support tickets to let the team know what’s going on. Thanks :smiley:


Thanks Sydney, will do!


I’ll try submitting one!


If you have submitted a ticket and it has not been answered yet, please do not submit another one. It screws up the system. :wink:


All i got back from it was a feedback email


Your ticket is still in the queue. If you submit another one, it will push both of your tickets to the end of the queue. Please do not submit another one. :smiley:




I sent ticket while time ago, but that doesn’t stop me from complaining :joy: