Preview won't work on iphone

Hi, I’ve been trying to get this to work for days, but on the episode app on my phone, when I go to create, my story doesn’t show up, (I write on the computer) and my script preview doesn’t work either. My other two PC made stories show up but my new one doesn’t…

Thank you.

Are you sure that you are logged in your account??

Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve checked. Over and Over.

Are you referring to the Live Previewer? If so, it is not meant to be viewed on phones and sadly doesn’t work. If you would like to see this changed please make sure to show your support in the feature request thread for it here. Thanks!

Hopefully this will help you:

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Thank you for the suggestion, but that didn’t work :frowning: However, my first episode has a background that needs reviewing, do you think that the error is causing this?

I’m old fashioned so I don’t really know if I am in live previewer… How do you tell?

The best place to help you troubleshoot this issue would be with the support team. Feel free to submit a request to them here with as many details as you can so they can better assist you. :peace_symbol:

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I’m on iPhone and whenever I start writing a new story, that story is not listed in my created stories.

But that’s no problem at all! It’s not listed there because it was never opened!

I go to my story Writer Portal - I copy the link of my story and I send it to myself (on Facebook Messenger).
Then I open Facebook Messager on my phone and I click on that link - and woila - since first openening the new story, that story is listed between my created ones. :heart:

I hope this helps! :heart:

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