Previewer being irritating

This isn’t affecting the story too much but it really is annoying.

It’s weird because it’s been happening a lot more recently. It would be an occasional thing before, and now it happens a good amount of timees currently.

It’s the “run-time error” that shows up above the previewer when you’re trying to preview/save so far.

While saving the story isn’t an issue, previewing is. I have to constantly click refresh, go back to My Story, reopen the tab, and hope it doesn’t show up again.

It’s aggravating because I save a lot as I write to make sure everything looks okay so far. There are no errors in the script when the story pops up, before AND after. Refreshing sometimes works, but again, 30-40% of the time.

It’s weird because when there ARE actually errors of wonky commands I made as a typo, the previewer has no issue popping up and telling me that there is an “error” in my script and that the story can’t be loaded lol.

I’m using Chrome, btw. Always have. It’s been happening far too often lately. Have other users been experiencing this?


Yep, it’s been happening to quite a number of authors. I’ve surrendered to coding from my phone while talking with support on how to fix it. In my opinion, I think it’s the new features they’ve added onto the previewer that’s making it crash so often. So I believe it’s a glitch on their end they need to fix because no matter what I do on my computer it crashes all the same.


Maybe after the speechbubble update?

Also, coding on phone??? Like, opening the Writer’s Portal from your phone and editing the script? O.o That’s hardcore and I’m also tempted to try lol

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It really sucks because one time it took 5 minutes and more just to get the previewer to work. :confused: Especially annoying if you’re trying to write new episodes, where there won’t even be a lot of coding in the first place.

The speechbubble update as well as the new features such as the white lines around the characters and the update to the device helper (being able to click through your story while viewing what it looks like on a tablet and phone screen).

Oh, no, coding directly from the phone is nearly impossible for some people. I mean opening your Episode app and physically moving things around there while writing the actual code on your computer. I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but that was the way authors had to code a year ago before the web previewer was released. It was dark times. :laughing:


But if you’re writing coding on here, won’t it not allow you to edit it on your phone? At least for me, that’s the case. It’ll just show under ‘playable stories’.

Hope they fix this. Though you would’ve thought it was fixed by now, since the speechbubble update has been out since what? For a week now?

By viewing and physically moving things around on my phone all I have to do is input the code in the computer, save it on the computer, and then update the script on my phone. It will update with the code you had put in before hand allowing you to still be able to code your story. You just have to have your phone and and computer nearby. I don’t know if that answered your question or not.

Yeah, it’s been public for a little bit now, but the crashing started a few days afterward. For me at least.

I’d definitely have to try it out.

Funny enough, I have no problem MOSTLY viewing my lengthier (completed basically, though I’ll go back and edit them). But the ones I’m writing, with like no more than 60 lines so far?

It won’t preview! Ughhh.

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This has been happening to me too, but when I refresh the page that fixes it.

I always refresh the page (even without the error) and it still hasn’t shown up. Just displays as black.

I think I didn’t note the fact that even without the error, the previewer won’t load. :confused:

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Also, I forgot to ask, but white lines… ?

There is a dotted white lined box that surrounds the character you are spotting. We didn’t have that before, but now we do.

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OHH that. Er, I didn’t it too beneficial tbh.

Sometimes the box is outling outside the zone and it can be frustrating when spotting multiple characters in one scene.

I love the Web Preview, directing is so much easier! But yes, lately it’s been glitching in almost every scene I want to direct and it’s so discouraging… I’m sick of refreshing my page :weary:


Nothing works I’ve refreshed went into other browser I’ve restarted both portal and PC and everytime I save to preview I am getting runtime it has been 5 days with it I usually have an episode finished in 2 it is getting beyond a joke

As always, the best way to get Episodes attention regarding issues like this is by submitting a ticket directly to the support team. Hope they are able to help and sorry to hear of these issues.

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What is do is save separately and then preview. Works better than clicking “save and preview” button. But the error still pops up sometimes. Also for some reason the laying animation dosent work? When I try to use it my character just disappears from the screen. It’s so annoying.