Previewer for classic won't work

I want to create a nostalgic classic story but my previewer doesn’t work. Does anyone have a clue؟

You mean the previewer on the writing platform?

try refreshing it again. or exiting from that page. refresh/ wait for a while. If not close the episode tab and restart again.

Still doesnt work

If its like this then by default the previews on the many option thing doesnt work… but the one on the right should work. The preview for hair body etc for classics by default doenst work. Only the big one…that one on the right does…

It is like this for me:

Strange… i remember that type of preview before… but i dont have it now. i have the one above…

Want to try creating and INK character first as test run to see if it works?

If it works then the classics have a prob with the previewer…

If INK also has a problem then the previewer itself has a prob.

Try multiple times. If still doesnt work, send a support ticket.

INK works properly,I guess I should submit a ticket, tnx for your time anyways

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@Jeremy will u close this pls

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