Previewer keeps freezing

Is this happening with anyone else?

Sometimes when I’m trying to write, I go on the previewer but then it’s like it freezes, whenever I try to tap anything it doesn’t work - I can’t even tap to read through my story - and I have to reload for it to work.

And sometimes when I have the spot directing helper on “move” it still does “scale” no matter what it’s on so I then have to refresh again.

Before it wasn’t too bad but it’s getting more frequent now and it’s really frustrating to keep having to refresh all the time.


yesss it’s so frustrating i think this is happening with everyone atm, we just gotta wait till episode does something about this


Same here I thought it was my computer​:thinking::thinking:


I thought that too but nothing seems to be wrong with my computer - especially since I know others have this issue too.


This happens to me too, it’s getting really frustrating.


YESSS ABHDJKABKDB it’s so annoyingg but I’m glad at least the saving still works so I can refresh without worrying.

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omg can they pls fix this its still happening!

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