Previewer- not working!

Hi, my previewer won’t work even though I reload the page or re save it. I’m using the latest version of Google Chrome. Please somebody help me. I’ll appreciate it.

Also try clearing cache and disabling any extensions or addons that you might have enabled. Good luck!

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It happens when the previewer doesn’t work…I submitted a ticket regarding it…But I literally never found a solution…:joy::joy:
They told me to clear the cache of the computer and if this doesn’t work try using a different pc in order to check if this problem is only on that particular PC or it is a problem with your account…

I tried both and it still didn’t worked…:joy::joy:


Hey, thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested but it still won’t work.

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Nothing is working, so I’m previewing my story on my mobile. Thank you so much for your suggestions, though. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: @brvnda , @Jeremy & @S.Dsana

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Neither mine works…
I preview my story on the app as well…
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@Jeremy My previewer isn’t working either. I have to use Bluestacks to preview my work. I have turned my computer on and off, remove all of my taps and re-opened them, and signed in/out but my preievwer on Google Chrome isn’t working.


I recommend to submit a ticket to the episode team…

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Hi all! Best thing is to submit a request to support. They will guide you along the way with troubleshooting in an effort to get this working. As long as you provide the support team with details and keep consistent with them, you should be all good. :slight_smile:

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No offence, Jeremy, but I sent a support ticket nearly a month ago (about the classic creators section being stuck on ‘Generating Preview’) and the feedback I had gotten was that another colleague of yours would email me back and look at the issue. I haven’t received the email, and the glitch is still a problem. What am I supposed to do?

No offence taken as I am the forum staff :wink: . Can you please private message me your ticket number? Thanks.

Yeah, of course.

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